Vol. 7 No. 1/2 CONTENTS

The Authorship of the Pastoral Epistles
John McRay

Apologetic and Philosophy in the Second Century
Abraham J. Malherbe

The Mebaqqer in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Bill J. Humble

A Glossary of Exegetical, Grammatical, and Rhetorical Terms
J. W. Roberts

The Indelibility of Childhood Training and Impressions on Later Character
Roy F. Osborne

The Christian and Politics
Gene E. Rainey

Form Criticism and an Exegesis of Micah 6:1-8
Paul Watson

Eschatology and Matthew 10:23 (Part I)
Royce Clark


Fallacies in World Study—Barr’s The Semantics of Biblical Language
Roy B. Ward

Reaction to Gene Rainey’s Review of Books on Communism
James D. Bales


Pat Harrell

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