Vol. 4 No. 4 CONTENTS

The Study of the Acts of the Apostles Yesterday and Today
J. W. Roberts

The Speeches of Acts in Recent Study
Roy Bowen Ward

The Synagogue
Jack P. Lewis

Roman Citizenship and its Bearing on the Book of Acts
Eugene Brewer

The "Western" Text of Acts
Frank Pack

Notes on Selected Passages:

The Gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38)
R. L. Roberts

Added to the Church (Acts 2:47)
J. D. Thomas

Christ’s Kingdom Advancing (Acts 13-14)
R. C. Bell

The Apostles (Acts 14:14)
William M. Green

These Necessary Things
Jay Smith

Laying on of Hands in Acts 6:6 and 13:3
Everett Ferguson

"Almost Persuaded" Now to Believe? — Acts 26:28
Pat Harrell

Notes on Some Selected Passages in Acts Involving Luke’s Use of the Optative Mood
J. W. Roberts

Wildcat Video Minute
Wildcat Video Minute
Combine a few hundred Wildcats, plenty of pens and post-it notes - What do you get? This month's Wildcat Video Minute takes a look at how the Student Alumni Association helped celebrate "I love ACU" day.
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