Vol. 1 No. 4 CONTENTS

Vol. 1 No. 4 CONTENTS

The Use of Bapto in the Old Testament
John Scott

Notes on Religious Washings in the Graeco-Roman World
Abe Malherbe

Jewish Proselyte Baptism
Pat E. Harrell

Baptism and Faith
J. D. Thomas

The Spiritual Significance of Baptism
James D. Willeford

This Name Baptist
R. L. Roberts, Jr.

Baptismal Confession
Willian B. Decker

Baptism from the Second to the Fourth Ccntury
Everett Ferguson

Baptism in the Medieval Church
Fausto Salvoni

Baptism in the Early Restoration Movement
Carl Spain

Modern Views on Infant Baptism
Frank Pack

Baptism for Remmission of Sins - A Critique
J. W. Roberts


Karl Barth: The Teaching of the Church Regarding Baptism

Oscar Cullmann: Baptism in the New Testament
Abraham J. Malherbe

Jeremias: Did The Primitive Church Practice Infant Baptism?
Dieter Alten

Wildcat Video Minute
Wildcat Video Minute
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