Vol. 1 No. 3 CONTENTS

The Christian View of History
William M. Green

The Relation of Philosophy and Religion
J. D. Thomas

Exegetical Helps — Questions Expecting Affirmative and Negative Answers

Methods in Teaching
Orval Filbeck

The Old Testament and Archaeology
John A. Scott

A List of Recent Master's Theses in Bible and Bible Related Studies at Abilene Christian College

The Bearing of the Use of Particles on the Authorship of the Pastoral Epistles
J. W. Roberts


Cullman: The Early Church
William M. Green

Simpson: The Pastoral Epistles
J. W. Roberts

Ramm: The Pattern of Authority
J. D. Thomas

Gaster: The Dead Sea Scrolls in English Translation
Frank Pack

Bruce: Commentary on the Book of the Acts
Frank Pack

Bruce: Acts of the Apostles
Frank Pack

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