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Evening German Classes in the DFW Area


Don Anderson: 

The Dallas Goethe Center has classes on Saturday mornings and afternoons. http://www.dallasgoethecenter.org/


Carmen Terry:

Currently we don't offer  evening classes. However, there is a good chance that we will in a not too distant future.

I will certainly keep you informed.  (University of North Texas)


Peggy Little:

Richland College in north Dallas teaches German in the evenings and afternoons.  We offer afternoon and evening classes of the first two semesters in the summer, and in the regular school year.  High school students who have had 1-3 years of German generally still are required to take the first semester of first year of German at Richland unless they can prove they know what is taught in this semester, and generally they don't. 

Richland offers dual-credit to high school students who have completed their 10th grade. If they come to Richland for German or for any other subjects, they get credit for both their high school diploma and as college credit.

This coming fall, we are opening our doors to high school students who are planning for a career in engineering/math/science, and German is a great subject to study in relation to these areas, especially since the U. of Rhode Island has a German/Engineering program for which they send their engineering students to study/work in Germany in German companies. 

We also have 2nd year classes, also in afternoons and evenings, but the second-year classes are not offered in the summer.  Maybe you can paste this onto my previous message.

For anyone interested in the Dual Credit Program here, the people to contact are:  Bonnie Hueston at 972-761-6815 or blh8551@dcccd.edu   and Gay Ricks at 972-238-6116 or gsr8320@dcccd.edu .

Anyone wanting to take German here should contact me:

Peggy Little : phone: 972-238-6070 or plittle@dcccd.edu  

Anyone interested in the high school program should contact Therese Williams, the principal, at 972-761-6889 or tnw8612@dcccd.edu .


Amir Moosavi:

Colling County Community college offers evening German courses.


Harvey Solganick:

I am also interested and available in teaching German in the Dallas area weekends and evenings. E-mail:  hsolgani@juno.com

I am a professor of Literature and Languages at LeTourneau University, holding Oberstufe certification from Universitat Heidelberg and Mittelstufe Certification from Goethe Institut, 18 graduate hours in German from North Texas State University.


Andrew Wasserman:

UNT student who completed 4 years of HS German and has had 6 semesters of college German.  He will be studying in Germany next semester.  He offers tutoring for $25/hour.  He lives in the Plano area.  Tel. 214-697-1098 .


Elke Hedstrom:

I have been teaching German I at Eastfield College, Mesquite for several years. The following class is offered  (for credit) for the Fall Semester:

2006: German I Tuesday/Thursday 7:05 - 9:25 PM. (I use the book Moeller, Deutsch Heute). If I get enough students together (namely 10) then I am teaching German II too.

Alles Gute

Dr. Elke Hedstrom



Hella Hennessee:

I would be very grateful if you could link our German Program at the University of Dallas


Thank you very much.  We actually give scholarships for students who have talent and interest in German.


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