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The AATG-North Texas chapter will hold its annual Fall meeting on Saturday, September 19, at Jasper High School in Plano. The format will be a bit different this year, as we will be focusing on various aspects of German culture in a very hands-on way. The sessions vary from songs and dances for the classroom, to traditional arts and crafts that German kids make, to more sophisticated cultural topics. Teachers will show how they cover these topics in their classes and teach the games, songs, dances and such to their colleagues so that they can all enrich their students’ German experiences. Whether you would like to share your talents and knowledge by presenting or would just like to learn from your colleagues, please contact Hildegard Lombardo at


The Fall meeting is only the start of a very full year of activities and opportunities for teachers and students in North Texas. During the business meeting portion of the day we set the schedule for all of the annual events and competitions and share information about scholarships, teacher travel, grants and more. During the past year our students have had the opportunity attend a techno concert, meet Dirk Nowitzki, compete at Sportfest, the regional athletic contest for German students, participate in traditional German Christmas activities, compete at Winterfest, the regional academic and cultural contest, receive recognition, awards and trips to Germany for participating in the National German Exam, attend an authentic Maifest celebration and much more. We have also had a number of teachers learn about and take advantage of wonderful opportunities to study and travel in order to improve and enrich their teaching experiences.


We invite you to join us as we support and grow German programs in North Texas.


Information about registration will follow at a later date. Please mark this date on your calendar.


Schöne Sommerferien!


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