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Tribute to James Burton Coffman

James Burton Coffman was a prolific author, preacher, teacher and leader among churches of Christ in the 20th century. In his lifetime, Coffman baptized over 3000 people and authored what many people consider to be one of the finest modern, conservative commentary series ever written. For more about Brother Coffman’s life, click here.

Listen to some clips from James Burton Coffman's sermons.

The Coffman Commentary Series 

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Complete Old Testament (25 volumes) $554.75 
Complete New Testament (12 volumes) $239.40

Complete Old & New Testaments (37 volumes) $794.15

Genesis $26.95Daniel $18.95
Exodus $20.95Minor Prophets, Vol. 1 (Joel, Amos, & Jonah) $14.95
Leviticus, Numbers $26.95Minor Prophets, Vol. 2 (Hosea, Obadiah, & Micah) $14.95
Deuteronomy $20.95Minor Prophets, Vol. 3 (Nahum, Habbakkuk, Zephaniah, & Haggai) $14.95
Joshua $20.95Minor Prophets, Vol. 4 (Zechariah & Malachi) $14.95
Judges and Ruth $20.95 
1 Samuel $20.05Matthew $19.95
2 Samuel $20.95Mark $19.95
1 Kings $20.95Luke $19.95
2 Kings $20.95 John $19.95
1-2 Chronicles $20.95Acts $19.95
Ezra, Neh., Esther $20.95Romans $19.95
Job $20.951-2 Corinthians $19.95
$29.95Gal., Eph., Phil., Col. $19.95
$29.951-2 Thess., Titus, Philemon $19.95
Proverbs $20.95Hebrews $19.95
Eccl., S. of Sol., Lam. $20.95James, 1-2 Peter, 1-3 John, Jude $19.95
Isaiah $29.95Revelation $19.95
Jeremiah $29.95 
Ezekiel $29.95 

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