Minister Transition Packet

In the life development of every church, there is perhaps no more critical dynamic than the change in ministerial leadership. For years, Dr. Charles Siburt helped churches navigate the murky, sometimes choppy waters of ministerial transition. This experience, involving a wide variety of congregations and ministers, has convinced him that many churches are not as equipped as they could be to manage the ministerial transition effectively. Consequently, churches often end up with either a lengthy minister vacancy, or a new minister who is not compatible with the congregation's style or needs.

In an attempt to help congregations and ministers negotiate these dynamics, Dr. Siburt compiled a Minister Transition Packet, which includes helpful information such as the stages in ministerial transition, guidance on how to conduct a congregational self-study, tips for the interview process, sample job descriptions, and more. Click here to view the Table of Contents. If your church is looking for a new minister, we strongly recommend that you obtain a copy of the Minister Transition Packet.

The 340-page packet, which was last updated in January 2011, costs $50 for a PDF version sent via email. To order this resource, please submit an order form.

Robert Oglesby, Director of the Center for Youth and Family Ministry, has also compiled a Guide for Hiring a Youth Minister, a similar resource specifically for churches searching for a youth minister. This 40-page guide costs $30 and is available both electronically and as a hard copy. To order, please contact the Center for Youth and Family Ministry at

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