Minister's Salary Survey

In 2004, ACU administered its first Ministers’ Salary Survey via email. More than 500 ministers, serving in various roles, participated in the first survey. The survey is an ongoing service of Siburt Institute for Church Ministry which is named in honor of the late Dr. Charles Siburt. Dr. Siburt initiated the Ministers’ Salary Survey as one of his many efforts to build congregations and their leaders.

This nationwide survey is designed to gather information about current levels of compensation for ministers in the Churches of Christ. The survey compares minister compensation packages, including allowances and benefits, as well as comparing number of years in ministry, educational background and experience, and various other factors. Links to the results are provided below.

In an effort to enhance the usefulness of survey results to congregational leaders, the survey was recently redesigned and the timing of data collection was changed. Historically, surveys were conducted after the close of a calendar year, gathering historic compensation data for the previous year. For example, the 2011 survey results reflect 2010 compensation levels. Going forward, having started with 2014, the survey will be conducted during the first part of the calendar year, requesting information for that same year. Thus, persons reviewing the 2014 results are looking at real time information. Additionally, the report formats have been updated to allow ease of interpretation. Please note that calendar year 2013 was used to revamp the process, thus 2012 and 2013 data are not included in the list below. We hope that this does not cause too much of an inconvenience to persons who were attempting to track the results year by year and trust that the timely results will be of great benefit.

If you are a minister within a Church of Christ and would like to participate in the 2016 survey, please complete this brief online form

Survey Uses 

These surveys serve church leaders in a variety of ways: 

  1. Church leaders learn about how other churches are structuring the compensation of their ministers.
  2. The surveys provide data for comparing the current levels of compensation for ministers in churches of various sizes and in different states.
  3. Church leaders, who may be searching for new ministers, will be able to negotiate more consistently in keeping with current salary ranges.

Survey Results  

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  • Ministers Salary Survey
    Ministers Salary Survey
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