2012 Salary Survey Results

The Siburt Institute for Church Ministry recently administered a nation-wide survey to gather information about current levels of compensation for ministers in the Churches of Christ. This survey was completed by 202 ministers of diverse ages and positions, and from churches of varying sizes.

The survey compares individuals’ compensation packages, including allowances and benefits, as well as comparing education level, church size, state, and years of experience.

With this vastly detailed and diverse set of information, it is difficult to establish any basis for a salary standard. The survey does, however, document the current compensation range for various ministry roles and does provide powerful information for reassessment and reevaluation of compensation packages. (Note: Surveys are completed anonymously and ministers are self-identified. We report the data as received. Please use your discretion in considering data far outside the norms.)

In an effort to make Salary Survey results as helpful and usable as possible, the data has been sorted in a variety of ways, as seen below. Excel files are available so you can apply additional sort criteria if desired.

If you would like to participate in next year’s Salary Survey, please complete this online form

Explanation of Terms

What exactly does "Total Compensation" mean? Which allowances are factored into this survey? What about reimbursements? Does the survey include dental and vision insurance, or just health insurance? All these questions and more are addressed in the Explanations and Definitions file

To see the exact wording used on the survey itself, view the blank survey

Results: Ministry Staff

  • Survey Results Analysis by Question  xls  pdf
  • Compensation by Church Size  xls  pdf
  • Compensation by Education Level  xls  pdf
  • Compensation by Ministry Role  xls  pdf
  • Compensation by State  xls  pdf
  • Compensation by Years of Experience  xls  pdf
  • Compensation Showing More Detailed Data on Benefits  xls  pdf
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