2004 Minister Salary Survey Results

Dr. Charles Siburt, Associate Dean for Ministry Programs and Services at Abilene Christian University, recently administered a nation-wide survey to gather information about current levels of compensation for ministers in the Churches of Christ. This survey was completed by 559 ministers of diverse ages and ministry positions and from churches of all sizes. The survey compares minister compensation packages, including allowances and benefits, as well as comparing number of years in ministry and educational background and experience. With this detailed and diverse set of information, it is difficult to establish any basis for a salary standard. It does, however, document the current compensation range for ministers and provide powerful information for a reassessment and reevaluation of a minister's compensation package.

ACU hopes the survey will be an invaluable resource for ministers and other church leaders, as they consider and negotiate compensation packages that provide the highest level of support for ministers in the Churches of Christ. The survey will be revised and updated annually. Dr. Siburt anticipates that more churches and ministers will participate each year, providing a greater pool of information for increased precision. If you were unable to participate in the 2004 survey but would like to participate in the future, please send your name and email address to charles.siburt@acu.edu.


  • All Ministry Roles by Church Size  .xls
  • Compensation by Church Size  .xls
  • Compensation by Ministry Roles  .xls

Compensation by Ministry Roles In Alphabetical Order:

  • Administration Minister  .xls
  • Associate Minister  .xls
  • Campus Minister  .xls
  • Children's Minister  .xls
  • Education/Spiritual Formation Minister  .xls
  • Involvement Minister  .xls
  • Outreach Minister  .xls
  • Preaching Minister  .xls
  • Senior Adults Minister  .xls
  • Singles Minister  .xls
  • Small Groups Minister  .xls
  • Worship Minister  .xls
  • Young Adults Minister  .xls
  • Youth Minister  .xls


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