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If you have attended an ElderLink event in the past, you may recall receiving a resource binder containing handouts and supplementary materials from speakers, as well as event information such as the schedule and evaluation form. This year we decided to make a shift in how we provide resource materials for all our ElderLink events, and will distribute resource materials electronically before the event.  We recommend that you either load the materials onto an electronic device or print them and bring them with you to the event

With any transition comes any number of questions; we’d like to answer some of those here.

Q: I liked the binders. Why is ElderLink doing away with them?

A: Several factors led to our decision to change the medium:

  1. Participant feedback – Last year we asked ElderLink Dallas and Atlanta participants to tell us how they would like to receive resource materials at future ElderLink events. Over 80% of the responses expressed a preference for electronic or combination (some materials provided on paper, and others provided electronically).

  2. Financial reasons – Each year marks an increase in our costs to produce ElderLink events (food, materials, travel expenses for speakers and staff, etc.). Because we want ElderLink to remain an affordable resource to you and your congregation, we want to avoid increasing the registration price. Moving away from the binders will help keep registration prices low.
  3. Environmental impact – Transitioning away from the binders will save anywhere from 6,000-11,000 sheets of paper and card stock per ElderLink event (depending on the size of the event and the number of speaker handouts).

Q: When and how will I receive the resource materials?

A: A few weeks before the event, we will email a link to all registrants, using the email address provided during the registration process.

Q: What if I prefer to have a hard copy of my resource materials? 

A: That’s absolutely okay! You’re welcome to print off the materials before the event and bring the hard copies with you.

Q: What if I prefer not to print out my resource materials?

A: Great! We do recommend that you download materials to your laptop or mobile device ahead of time. That way you’ll have the materials at your fingertips, even if WiFi is unavailable or the wireless network happens to be having a bad day.

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