Central Texas Session Descriptions

Plenary Session I

The Sermon on the Mount: The Scary Part
Randy Harris
Jesus reworks our most fundamental conceptions of the world in the Sermon on the Mount. Can we really entrust ourselves to this way of life?

Plenary Session II

Caring for Yourself While Serving God’s People: Hazards of Church Leadership
Royce Money
What a dilemma—caring for the flock while taking care of oneself! Is it a contradiction, a paradox, an impossibility? While hazards abound, so do solutions for the Lord's most dedicated servants. We will discover some.

Breakout Session A

Social Media and (or) the Gospel: A Conversation About Virtual Identity in the 21st Century
Lyndell Lee
It’s official: the Internet is here to stay. Social media, the web’s version of the water cooler, continues to explode both in reach and in functionality. How will our communities respond as the world becomes increasingly virtual?

Living in the Leadership Fishbowl: Swimming in Authenticity
Beverly Ross
Can church leaders fully embrace the human experience of their own pain and suffering while discipling others? This session will explore survival techniques for living under the “family’s” scrutiny.

Exchanging Chaos for Peace: Learning Jesus’ Secret of the Easy Yoke
David Wray
Why are we so tired and burdened when Jesus never was? How did Jesus constantly model a life of service and compassion while remaining centered in the mission of his Father? As congregational leaders living in a frenetic culture, we must look to Jesus and seek to embody essential habits of his heart. This session will look to re‐prioritize our daily practice of spiritual disciplines so that our continued maturity in Jesus allows us to minister to others out of his Spirit’s overflow in our lives—rather than from our own depleted resources.

Plenary Session III

A New Look at Congregational Leadership: Resources and Support for the Journey
Royce Money
Leadership burnout in congregational settings is running high. What practical resources are available to refresh and inspire the busy volunteer leader? Good news—help is on the way!

Breakout Session B

Who Is That in the Mirror? A Closer Look at Leaders Embroiled in Church Conflict
Joey Cope
Individuals often do not choose to be leaders in their congregation—church leadership chooses them. As a result, church leaders should not be surprised to find themselves unprepared for the stresses and demands of addressing disputes. Change that outcome with this surprising simple checklist of what to do when (and often before) conflict surfaces in your church.

Self‐Care is Not Self‐ish: Exploring the Rhythm of the Healthy Soul
Beverly Ross
Nurturing our own souls is a spiritual discipline. Living in our essence (our best) requires intentional pit stops to refuel with the Spirit.

Reading Scripture into the Heart: Creating Leaders of Wisdom and Discernment
David Wray
Our natural tendency as congregational leaders is to push, work longer and strive. We have all experienced the demands and responsibilities of church leadership. Scripture invites us to listen to an inner pulse that is heard when we center our active lives in God’s Word and the spiritual wisdom found there. This session will examine how the ancient practice of Dwelling in the Word provides integration of head and heart, and cultivates a way of life that leads to authentic spiritual transformation.

Plenary Session IV

The Sermon on the Mount: The Scarier Part
Randy Harris
Hypocrisy is an easy target for criticism. But more ominously, self‐deceit can lead us far away from the Sermon without us being fully aware of it. How do we stay aligned?




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