Business and Mission

Tuesday in BSB 100 (Hart)

Sometimes, the mission field looks like a foreign country. Other times, it looks like the world of business. Tuesday of Summit, Dodd Roberts will host an all-day track examining “Business and Mission,” a track that will hopefully provide inspiration for potential Christian business-owners and employees as well as encouragement for those already operating as Christians in the world of business.  

Mats Tunehag (8:30)

“Why Business and Mission?”

This class will look at the reason business as mission is so important.

Don Simmons (with panel) (9:30)

“Business and Mission Abroad" 

This session looks at the convergence of international business with international missions. 

Jan Martinez and Julie Sullivan (10:30)

“How a Non-Profit Biz Birthed a For-Profit Biz.” 

Jan Martinez from Christ Kitchen and Julie Sullivan from Ground Up will speak about their experiences with profit and non-profit businesses.

Lauren McAfee (12:00)

“Our Business, God’s Business”  

After a lunch break, the track will reconvene at 12:00 with Lauren McAfee, Corporate Ambassador of Hobby Lobby. 

Gary Ginter (12:50)

“Downward Mobility–From the Simple Life to Warfare Life” 

Rick Betenbough (1:30)

"Building and Running a Business of Faith” 

Rick Betenbough of Betenbough Homes will teach a session looking at the ways a Christian can build and run their businesses missionally. 

Chi-Ming Chien (2:15)

“Business and the Mission of God: Embodying Reconciliation."

Jarrod Brown (3:00)

“Story of Mission Lazarus”

Jarrod Brown, founder of Mission Lazarus, will share from his experiences. 

Bill Job, Will Haughey, & Brittany Underwood (3:50)