Summit 2016


Abilene Christian University Summit 2016 will be held on September 18-21. Students, church leaders and all interested from around the world, will meet on the ACU campus to engage in thoughtful and timely conversations about faith and life. This year’s theme: Love God, Love Your Neighbor: Living the Greatest Commandments is as relevant as when Jesus spoke these words to his followers in the 1st Century. Expect lively conversations about challenges faced by our congregations, interpersonal relationships and our culture today as they intersect with the Gospel.

Theme Speakers for Summit 2016 are Jerry Taylor, Sara Barton, Josh Graves, Ali Kaiser, Derran Reese, Monte Cox, Jonathan Storment and David McQueen. In addition to the theme speakers, many class sessions will also address topics that will enlighten and encourage us as we live and love as disciples of Christ in the 21st Century.

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