Minister Transition Packet


In the life development of every church, one of the most critical dynamics is the change in ministerial leadership, and many churches find themselves unequipped to manage the ministerial transition effectively. Consequently, churches often end up with either a lengthy minister vacancy, or a new minister who is not compatible with the congregation's culture or needs.

In an attempt to help congregations and ministers negotiate these dynamics, Dr. Siburt compiled a Minister Transition Packet, with suggestions for managing the transition and search processes, interview tips, sample job descriptions, candidate assessment tools, and compensation negotiation resources. While his last revision was in January 2011, the Siburt Institute staff updated the packet in May 2015.

The 80-page packet costs $30 for a PDF file sent via email, and it can be ordered here. While some of the packet’s resources specifically target preaching minister searches, much of the content applies to any type of minister transition. The table of contents shows more detail regarding what is included.

Additionally, Robert Oglesby, Director of the Center for Youth and Family Ministry, has compiled similar transition resources specifically for churches searching for a youth minister, children's minister, or worship minister. For more information or to order one, please email Robert.