church health Assessment

Developed for the Siburt Institute by statistical and social researchers Dr. Carley Dodd (Left) and Dr. Suzie Macaluso (Right), this robust and statistically reliable instrument provides objective profiles across nine areas of congregational members' perceptions: vision/mission, ministry/activity effectiveness, family life stages, spiritual formation/discipleship, worship, congregational culture/communication/conflict, leadership, church relationships, and finance/facilities. The scale also includes open-ended responses and summarizes member involvement and demographics. The report is colorful and easy to understand. Online test-taking makes the CHA reasonably priced. For leaders, the CHA represents a unique and objective church dashboard indicator.

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Carley H. Dodd (ACU for BA and MA, U. Oklahoma Ph.D.) is Professor of Communication and formerly Dean of the Graduate School at ACU. He has been President or Chair of several professional organizations and been a consultant or trainer for over 80 corporate, church, and non-profit organizations including Fortune 500s. He was named the Outstanding University Teacher of the Year in Texas, the ACU Teacher of the Year, and the Top 30 Intercultural Scholars Award from the University of Shanghai. He has authored/co-authored some 140 articles and scholarly papers and 12 books. He serves as an elder at the Southern Hills Church of Christ.  

Suzie Macaluso (BS from Cascade College, Graduate Certificate in Survey Research, MS, and PhD from Purdue University) is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and the director of the Sociology program at ACU. She worked as a research assistant designing a national survey of Catholic Parishes for the Center on Pastoral Life at Notre Dame and has consulted with the Presbyterian Church, USA in the construction of denominational surveys. She has been selected as the Undergraduate Research Mentor of the year by her students at ACU. She is a published author with a specialty in church relations and scale construction. She is an active member of the Minter Lane Church of Christ.