• The CHARIS website hosts critical, contemporary conversations through invited blog posts and online essays. The Siburt Institute manages the Church portion, which features posts from small-church ministers, scholars, elders, and more.
  •  The Church Health Assessment represents a unique and objective church dashboard indicator for church leaders.
  • Consulting is available in various areas of specialty from multiple ACU faculty.
  • A digital, online, peer-reviewed journal that presents work describing Christian ministry in a broad array of contexts.

Estate and Financial Planning Mini-Seminars

  • The ACU Foundation is offering free estate and financial planning mini-seminars to churches.

Minister Transition Resources

  • These packets include materials designed to help churches and ministers navigate ministerial transitions in constructive ways. Some of the materials included are sample job descriptions, interviewing tips, compensation negotiation information, and recommendations for developing a healthy overall process. 

Ministers' Salary Survey

  • Administered annually to compare ministers' compensation packages, including allowances and benefits. The survey also compares years of ministry experience, educational background and other similar factors.
  • The purpose of the Ministers Support Network is to offer ministers and spouses encouragement, fellowship, and renewal in a safe and supportive environment designed to facilitate sharing and listening without being intrusive or invasive.
  • A variety of curricula and other resources . 
  • Monthly electronic newsletter.   
  • A collection of video resources tailored to the needs of church leaders.
  • A collection of audio resources tailored to the needs of church leaders.