Siburt Institute for Church Ministry

The Siburt Institute for Church Ministry was founded in the fall of 2012 as a reflection of Abilene Christian University’s commitment to serve local congregations and their leaders. The Institute bears the name of the late Dr. Charles Siburt, who was one of ACU’s leading voices in churches for over 20 years and affectionately known as the “church doctor.”  The Institute is proud to honor and build upon his and ACU’s legacy.

The mission of the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry is to promote constructive and collaborative relationships between churches and ACU. The Siburt Institute for Christian Ministry helps equip churches to meet today and tomorrow’s challenges by connecting them to relevant ACU resources. It serves as a responsive link between ACU and churches by providing information, research, resources and services to churches and in responding to the needs, requests and inquiries from church leaders, ministers and teachers.