The Siburt Institute for Church Ministry exists to serve our ministry partners faithfully, creatively and effectively. Our mission is to promote constructive and collaborative relationships between churches and Abilene Christian University.

Historically, ACU has valued its partnership with churches and has sought to honor that essential relationship by serving churches and church leaders in a variety of ways.


Job Description for a Shepherd: February 2017 e-news

In a recent Saturday retreat with an elder group, some familiar questions were raised: “What does it mean to shepherd the church?” “How is it supposed to look?” These are good questions congregational leaders often raise. Elders want to be good shepherds, but they often acknowledge a lack of clear definitive practices that would actually shape their understanding.

So let me offer five dimensions of shepherding work. The five factors are adapted and expanded from the work of Charles Jaeckle and William Clebsch who published a historical review of the practice of pastoral care in the church some years ago.

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2017 Ministers’ Salary Survey Underway

You may already have received an invitation to take the 2017 Ministers’ Salary Survey. To those who have completed the survey thank you! If you are planning to participate, please complete the survey between now and March 7.

The survey is not long, and the secure link protects your privacy by avoiding the need for your email address or other identifying information. Results will be published on our website by May 1.