The Siburt Institute for Church Ministry exists to offer resources and best practices for leading congregational communities in pursuit of God’s mission in the world and to provide avenues for the spiritual formation of Christian leaders. Historically, ACU has valued its partnership with churches and has sought to honor that essential relationship by serving churches and church leaders in a variety of ways.


Relationships and Leadership: October 2017 e-news

I recently participated in a learning workshop with faculty from about six other seminaries and schools that train persons for ministerial leadership. The reports we heard and the conversations they inspired made clear the vital role that relationality plays for effective leadership and care in congregations.

Relationships are not critical for ministers alone! The Siburt Institute’s Church Health Assessment measures the quality of relationships of elders and ministers as a critical component of a church’s leadership. It is not surprising to see correlations between low relationality and low morale with risk aversion in the congregations we survey.

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