The Siburt Institute for Church Ministry exists to offer resources and best practices for leading congregational communities in pursuit of God’s mission in the world and to provide avenues for the spiritual formation of Christian leaders. Historically, ACU has valued its partnership with churches and has sought to honor that essential relationship by serving churches and church leaders in a variety of ways.

A glance at 2017-18

The Siburt Institute is excited to share with you its 2017-18 Year in Review. The Year in Review highlights new initiatives, long-standing traditions, and introduces you to some people who serve and are served by the institute.


Church Leadership and the Reversal of Power -- September 2018 e-news

To hold power or not to hold power; that is the question. Mediocre Shakespearean parodies aside, a significant struggle facing countless leaders is whether to strive toward acquiring and exercising power, or to seek to relinquish it. As leaders within our congregations and communities, do we hold onto as much power as possible, or do we instead focus on empowering others?

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