Great call of China

ACU promises a unique, Christ-centered experience that draws students into a community of learning and leadership development. 

Teaching in Beijing

bejing summer 2009Eleven ACU education majors spent five weeks in China last summer teaching at the International Academy of Beijing.  They found themselves immersed in a culture radically different from their own - where food, architecture, customs and even the alphabet were unfamiliar. 

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Q&A with students

shelby mcelvainShelby McElvain

"This was by and far one of the most amazing experiences of my life," says Shelby McElvain. "To be in a place that has so much history and was so far ahead of its time was simply breathtaking." 

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emiy folwellEmily Folwell

Emily Folwell had traveled abroad, but Beijing, China, was like no other place she had been. "My eyes were opened in many aspects of my life," she says. "I was able to grow as an independent adult, finding my way in a foreign place. I also grew as a Christian."

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sarah drummondSarah Drummond

"China is like a totally different world," says Sarah Drummond. She had traveled to Europe the previous summer and thought she was fully prepared for this experience. "I was completely wrong," she says.

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brian johnstonBrian Johnston

Brian Johnston found himself even more immersed in the Chinese culture than some of his companions on the trip. "One of the distinctive features of for me, being the only male, was living independently in Beijing," he says. "The experience of living in an apartment complex with a majority of Chinese nationals in itself was a great experience."

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