Mobile Learning

ACU's mobile learning receives global recognition for providing students with an interactive learning model. With the integration of new technology in the classroom, students connect to the ACU community through mobile news and calendars, course documents, in-class surveys and polls, and other educational resources.

International recognition in Paris

Alcatel-Lucent, a global leader in network solutions and dynamic enterprise communication, selected ACU as one of the first recipients of the Dynamic Enterprise Award. ACU presented the mobile learning initiative along with the other three winners to judges in Paris, France. The other winners were the Saudi Ministry of Culture & Information, Siam Commercial Bank and the Fluor Corporation. In addition, ACU won the Dynamic Enterprise Analyst Choice Award, an honor voted by industry analysts attending this year’s Enterprise Forum.

Innovative communication award

ACU also was recognized by the Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education, with its most prestigious honor, the award for Institutional Excellence in Information Communication Technology.

 “I believe this award highlights the distinctive and innovative environment that has been created by our mobile learning initiative, and is a testament to the fact that our students will be better educated as we embrace new technologies such as converged mobile devices,” said Arthur Brant, director of Networking Services at ACU.

This award is given to innovative and exemplary endeavors, products or services in the field of higher education technology.

Host of international mobile learning conference

ACU hosted the first collaborative conference (ConnectEd Summit) focusing on integrating mobile devices into strategic learning programs at educational institutions throughout the world.

Approximately 400 faculty, information technology professionals, developers and administrators from more than 50 institutions, representing 32 states and eight countries, attended the ConnectEd Summit.

Along with representatives from universities in several countries, an international collection of technology leaders addressed the 400 participants at the Summit, and representatives from key vendors such as Apple, AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent and Turning Technologies also participated.


Vision in Action

Watch the video above to witness the future of Abilene Christian University taking shape.

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