Research that makes a difference

ACU undergraduates regularly conduct research at major national facilities, including Brookhaven, Fermilab and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Last summer, a group of physics majors worked at Los Alamos on a project aimed at making next-generation nuclear reactors better, safer and more environmentally friendly.

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Imagine walking outside in the summertime and not hearing that unmistakable buzz or feeling that nasty zap of a mosquito. It could happen, and if it does, everyone in Abilene can thank ACU assistant professor of biology Dr. Qiang Xu and his students.

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Analyzing protein found in bacteria could be tedious lab work - or it could be a ticket to the best graduate schools in the country. Some of Dr. Autumn Sutherlin's students - including University of Texas grad student Jeffrey Knight - have found it the latter.  

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Dr. Eric Hardegree and his students are working on ways to easily obtain hydrogen so that it can become a practical fuel alternative, bypassing the need for fossil fuel altogether. The implications are enormous.

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Vision in Action

Watch the video above to witness the future of Abilene Christian University taking shape.

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