ACU grads named TSU Fellows

erin gray

erin grayThree recent ACU graduates are earning their master's degree free of charge while tackling their first year of teaching thanks to their acceptance to the Texas State University Teacher Fellows Program.

Barbara Davis is full of praise when talking about the ACU graduates.

Davis is a professor at Texas State University and director of that university's graduate Teacher Fellows Program. The three ACU grads, Allie Rogers, Rae Campenella and Erin Gray, are in the program.

And Davis couldn't be happier.

"We have loved having them as Teacher Fellows," Davis wrote to ACU teacher education instructor Stephanie Talley. "They are so well prepared and such quality young ladies."

The Teacher Fellows Program, started in 1994, accepts a limited number of fully certified first-year teachers each year. The fellows get a stipend from the program and earn a master's degree, free of charge, from Texas State University in 15 months.

In exchange, they are the teacher-of-record in a partner school district in the San Marcos area while completing the program.

Most of the fellows are graduates of Texas State University, and it is rare to have three graduates from another university in the program at the same time, Davis said.

And that makes the acceptance of Allie, Rae, and Erin that much more special. ACU students have been accepted to the program in the past, too. Davis said she mentioned the program to Talley during a teacher conference and Talley spread the word at ACU.

And nobody is happier about that than Davis. "They have been superb," she said of the ACU graduates.  


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