ACU in New Guides to Best Scholarships, Best Christian Colleges

for immediate release April 3, 1998

ACU again named in guide to '100 Best College Buys' for second year

Two new national publications have recognized Abilene Christian University as a great value in higher education and a third has included ACU again in its second edition.

* Scholarships awarded by ACU have been named some of the best in America by "The Student Guide to America's Best College Scholarships: 1998-99," a new publication of John Culler and Sons, which rates schools on scholarships based strictly on merit.

Of the 1,658 schools surveyed, only 93 had scholarships that met the guide's strict standards.

The criteria required the scholarships be: merit-based; not subject to financial need; renewable for at least eight semesters; at least equal to 50 percent of the cost of attending; not subject to restrictions; administered by the school and derived from its own funds or outside foundations or corporations; and not from any government source.

ACU is one of only five Texas schools to be included in the guide. The other four are Baylor, Houston Baptist, and Southern Methodist universities and the University of North Texas.

"While we found the typical college scholarship ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 per year and some schools offer up to one half the cost of tuition, very few schools have scholarships that will pay 50 percent or more of the entire cost of attending," said Lewis T. Lindsey Jr., senior editor of the guide. "At a time when parents are borrowing more money than ever, the schools in this book offer real hope to parents whose child has applied himself in high school."

"The 2,500 scholarships in this book are the best, the cream of the crop. For good students, the schools in this book are the place to apply," Lindsey said.

* ACU has been listed among only 87 colleges and universities in another new Culler and Sons publication, "The Student Guide to America's Best Christian Colleges."

To be considered for the book, ACU had to meet these criteria:

1. Be an accredited four-year institution.

2. Provide facilities for residence hall and dining services.

3. Offer need-based, academic merit-based, and athletic merit-based financial aid.

4. Have an entering freshman class in fall 1996 with a high school grade point average and/ or an SAT/ACT score equal to or above the national average for all entering freshmen.

5. Be affiliated or associated with a recognized Christian denomination or fellowship or be non-denominational or inter-denominational providing an educational experience incorporating at least basic Christian principles and beliefs into the instructional curriculum or social environment.

ACU is one of only six Texas schools to be included in the guide (others are Baylor, East Texas Baptist, Houston Baptist, LeTourneau, and Southern Methodist universities) and one of only two schools associated with the churches of Christ (the other is Harding University in Searcy, Ark.).

* ACU is also listed again in "The Student Guide to America's 100 Best College Buys: 1999" after being listed in last summer's 1997-98 edition.

Like U.S. News & World Report, which has recognized ACU as a "Best Value" for three years, the guide profiles institutions that rate high academically and have the lowest total cost. However, the two books differ somewhat on their formulas for selection.

Schools listed in "The Student Guide" have an entering freshman class with grade point averages and entrance exam scores above the national average while costing less than the national average. They all offer four-year degrees, full residential service and a range of financial aid.

"Our research has shown that a prospective student could save $30,000 to $50,000 or more on a quality college education," publisher John Culler said. "The first edition exceeded all of our expectations, and it's because of the wonderful schools that grace its pages. Students who attend the schools in this book collectively saved over a billion dollars compared to what it would have cost them to attend schools with just average costs."

Schools of all sizes and from 40 states are represented in the book, but the only other Texas universities in the guide are Baylor, Houston Baptist, North Texas and Texas A&M. ACU is the only school affiliated with the churches of Christ included.

"Many people equate 'expensive' with quality and 'inexpensive' with something less," said Dr. Royce Money, ACU president. "It's gratifying to be recognized again for affordable excellence."

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