Summer Workshops To Help Revitalize Ministries

for immediate release May 29, 1998

Instead of asking themselves "What story am I going to teach this week?", children's minister Garry Bortz would rather Bible class teachers ask, "What is God's plan for each of these children and what does He want me to do to make His vision a reality?"

Bortz, of the Campbell (Calif.) Church of Christ, will call teachers to renew their sense of purpose during the three-day feature class of Abilene Christian University's 44nd annual Bible Teachers Workshop July 19-22.

"Teaching is not just about doing class or going through curriculum," Bortz said. "It's about ministering from my heart, showing how God has healed me and how He can heal you, too."

In nine sessions, Bortz will address God's view of children, ministry to hurting children, long-term educational goals, personal evaluations, developing creativity, motivating children, and making stories come alive.

Men and women with a wide range of ministry interests will find valuable resources from ACU's five annual Summer Workshops. After Bible Teachers Workshop kicks off with a keynote address Sunday, July 19, the Elders and Church Leaders, Equipping Women for Ministry, Leaders in Christian Education, and Church Secretaries workshops will begin the next day.

Two other highlights of Bible Teachers Workshop will be Monday when the 21st Century Christian Team presents new ideas for young children and each day when former atheist John Clayton of the "Does God Exist?" ministry presents joint sessions for both adults and teens.

More of the week's topics will include desktop publishing for church bulletins, equipping of eighth-graders for high school, calligraphy, intergenerational education, keys to healthy marriage, prayer, retreats, humor as a tool to draw people together, technology in the classroom, and much more.

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