Senior Class Wins Sing Song for Fourth Year

for immediate release Feb. 22, 1998

Foreshadowing an academic accomplishment they will make on a commencement stage in a few months, members of the senior class at Abilene Christian University achieved a musical milestone on the Sing Song stage in Moody Coliseum Saturday night.

For the fourth consecutive year, the class of 1998 won the overall award in the class competition in the annual student-produced musical.

Only two classes - the class of 1976 and 1986 - have won the 42-year-old competition all four years they were in school.

Directed again by Matt Moreland, a senior biology major from Spring and president of the Students' Association, the group dressed as Roman Centurions and sang of chariot races, Roman numerals and their fallen empire to many cheers of the audience. Moreland was Julius Caesar.

Their medley included lyrics to such familiar tunes as Jingle Bells ("Dashing round the track, he passes in a blur. He's kicking up some dust, it's got to be Ben Hur. Chariot, Chariot, racing is the game. It's our national pastime which brought Ben Hur his fame") and Copa Cabana ("His name was Caesar, he built an empire. With gold feathers in his hair, swords were flying everywhere. At the Roman Coliseum, togas and lashings were always the fashion at the Roman Coliseum.")

Overall winner in the men's category was Galaxy (fishermen), and overall women's winner was Sigma Theta Chi (crayons). Overall runners-up were sophomores (doctors) in the mixed voices division; Gamma Sigma Phi (astronauts) in the men's division; and GATA (Little Red Riding Hood) in the women's division.

Other awards were:

Originality - Women: 1. Sigma Theta Chi, 2. GATA; Men: 1. Galaxy, 2. Gamma Sigma Phi; Mixed Voices: 1. Seniors, 2. Freshmen;

Presentation - Women: 1. Sigma Theta Chi, 2. Ko Jo Kai; Men: 1. Gamma Sigma Phi, 2. Galaxy; Mixed Voices: 1. Seniors, 2. Sophomores.

Vocals - Women: 1. GATA, 2. Sigma Theta Chi; Men: 1. Galaxy, 2. Gamma Sigma Phi; Mixed Voices: 1. Seniors, 2. Freshmen.

The Director's Award for audience appeal went to GATA in the women's division; Pi Kappa (chefs) in the men's division; and the seniors in the mixed voices division.

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