14-year-old Jayson Leving prepares to start his second semester at ACU

For immediate release

January 5, 1999

Jayson Leving has registered for spring classes, bought his books, and he's getting all things in order to start his second semester at Abilene Christian University.-

Like most other students starting a spring semester, he has a place to live, plus he's one of a small percentage of students who have a parent working at ACU. Jayson's father, Jeff, works in ACU's Information Technology Department. Many days Jayson gets to ride to campus with his dad. That's a good thing, because Jayson doesn't drive just a whole lot - he's 14 years old.-

Jayson is the product of a home-school environment. At age 14, his education is equal to that a junior in high school. And with that, he is eligible to take collegiate level classes for both high school and college credit.-

During the fall semester, Jayson's first at ACU, Jayson took a Bible course. He said he was a little nervous at first, but after a while, he "got used to the flow of things."-

Jayson's class this semester, as was last semester's, is a mid-morning class. He rides to work with his dad before 8 a.m. and studies in the library until time for class. At first, Jayson said a lot of people asked how old he was. "But overall, everybody very friendly," he said.-

Future plans for Jayson include taking a full loads of course work at ACU at age 15 and probably graduating with a bachelor's degree by 19. He said after that he will probably pursue some kind of graduate degree. -

His interests are music and computer programming. Jayson plays the clarinet, and he said some day he hopes to play with a philharmonic orchestra.-

For now though, Jayson said, "I plan to keep doing what I'm doing."-


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