ACU Students Include Children in Toy Manufacturing Project

for immediate release Oct. 10, 1997

WHO: Abilene Christian University industrial technology students taking a "Industrial Materials and Processes" course and pre-schoolers who attend the ACU Child Development Center.

WHAT: The children will come to the ACU students' lab and help them with the final manufacturing process of toy trains, their "toy/game" project for the semester. The children will put on a "vegetable oil" finish, install hooks and eyes, apply stickers, decorate people, and box the trains. The ACU students have engineered the jigs and fixtures, programmed the production process, participated in the assembly and finish, and developed packaging with logo and instruction inserts.

WHEN: The morning group work Friday, Oct. 10, from 10-11 a.m. and the afternoon group will work from 2-3 p.m.

WHERE: Follow the noise in the Industrial Technology Building (north of Moody Coliseum by Elmer Gray Stadium)

WHY: To provide community outreach and a learning experience for both groups of students.

CONTACT: Dr. Jerry Drennan, professor, at 674-2425.

DETAILS: The trains will be given to students in the Child Development Center. Additional trains will be provided for the Second Edition store at Abilene State School to benefit the clients there.

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