Industrial Tech Department Celebrates 45 Years

for immediate release Oct. 21, 1997

Abilene Christian University's Industrial Technology Department will reaffirm its connections to alumni, students, local business and the past during its Homecoming reception this weekend.

The department will honor outstanding alumni, present a student scholarship, show appreciation to a business partner and celebrate the department's 45th anniversary Saturday, Oct. 25, from 7:30-9:30 a.m. in the Living Room of the McGlothlin Campus Center.

The program for the event includes:

* Visitation/Introductions
* Presentation of Awards by Dr. Jim Cooke, department chair (about 8 a.m.)

Don Herrington, Abilene - Outstanding Alumnus
Alex Duzan, Bear, Del. - Outstanding Alumnus
Skipper Shipp, Abilene - Honorary STE Member
Bud Ross, Abilene - Bert Mosier Memorial Scholarship
West Texas Utilities - Certificate of Appreciation
* Special 45th Anniversary Comments
"In the Beginning..." by Skipper Shipp
"Laying the Foundation" by Dr. M.D. Williamson
"Providing Continuity" by Dr. Jerry Drennan
"In the Future..." by Dr. Jim Cooke
* Alumni Responses

The reception will be followed by an Open House in Industrial Technology Building from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. With the aid of computer-generated charts etc., faculty and students will explain the electrical energy being produced by the photovoltaic panels installed on the building's roof through a joint venture with West Texas Utilities' parent company, Central and Southwest.


Don Herrington, a 1980 graduate, teaches technology education at Lincoln Middle School in Abilene. He has received the outstanding teacher's award for this region on two different occasions, and his students have won technology education awards at both the state and national levels. Herrington is currently serving as the treasurer of the Association of Texas Technology Educators. He and his wife, Gayla, have three children, and they are members of the South 11th & Willis Church of Christ.

Alex Duzan, a 1993 graduate, is patent draftsperson for the Whitaker Corporation in Bear, Deleware. He and his wife have two children. This past year, they were part of a group of individuals that founded an outreach church in their hometown and currently have about 60 people worshipping with them.

Skipper Shipp founded the industrial technology department as a result of his work at ACU during the early 1950s. However, he is not a member of the department's student club and it was decided that the department's founder should be an honorary member. He was formerly a vocational/ technical supervisor for the Irving ISD. He has retired to Abilene and is teaching one course per semester for the Industrial Technology Department.

Bud Ross is a graduating senior finishing a Bachelor of Applied Studies degree in industrial technology, and he plans to become a teacher of technology education. Last year, Ross received a Texas scholarship from the Association of Texas Technology Educators. His wife, Betty, is currently doing her student teaching in the Abilene ISD.

The Bert Mosier scholarship is given in honor of the man who taught almost 30 years in the Industrial Technology Department prior to his death.

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