ACU debate team ranks high nationally

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January 4, 1999

The Cross Examination Debate Association National Sweepstakes Rankings has listed Abilene Christian University's debate team as fourth in the nation. The CEDA is the largest intercollegiate policy debate association in the United States.

The rankings are based on the number of ballots won by a school's two best teams at a school's best six tournaments. The top rankings include:

1st, Emory University

2nd, University of Alabama

3rd, University of Missouri-Kansas City

4th, Abilene Christian University

5th, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Wash.

6th, University of Miami

7th, Michigan State University

8th, Vanderbilt University

9th, Kansas State University

10th, University of Southern California

The International Public Debate Association also lists ACU as fifth in the nation. The IPDA is primarily composed of schools in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Texas. Public debate points are based on the number of wins earned by a school's top four debaters at a school's top six tournaments. The IPDA top five are:

1st, University of Texas at Tyler

2nd, St. Mary's University

3rd, Central Missouri

4th, University of Texas

5th, Abilene Christian University

Cross examination debate and public debate are two distinct forms of debate. Cross examination involves two-person teams, while public uses a Lincoln-Douglas format. Cross examination relies heavily on advanced preparation and research, while public is extemporaneous in nature.


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