ACU in New Guide to 100 Best College Buys

for immediate release Aug. 28, 1997

Another national publication has recognized Abilene Christian University as a great value in higher education.

The university is listed in "The Student Guide to America's 100 Best College Buys: 1997-98" after a nationwide review of 1,784 schools by Institutional Research and Evaluation of Gainesville, Ga.

Like U.S. News and World Report, which recently recognized ACU as a "Best Value" for a third time, the guide profiles institutions that rate high academically and have the lowest total cost. However, the two books differ somewhat on their formulas for selection.

Schools listed in "The Student Guide" have an entering freshman class with grade-point averages and entrance exam scores above the national average while costing less than the national average. They all offer four-year degrees, full residential service and a range of financial aid.

"Our research has shown that a prospective student could save $30,000 to $50,000 or more on a quality college education," publisher John Culler said. "Students should never pick a college without first doing serious comparison shopping for cost and quality. If that is done, the schools in this book will win every time."

Schools of all sizes and from 40 states are represented in the book, but the only other Texas universities in the guide are Baylor, Houston Baptist, North Texas and Texas A&M. ACU is the only school affiliated with the churches of Christ included.

"Many people equate 'expensive' with quality and 'inexpensive' with something less," said Dr. Royce Money, ACU president. "It's gratifying to be recognized again for affordable excellence."

"However valuable these scientific rankings are, though, they are not a complete measurement of the quality educational experience offered at ACU because they do not factor in our key distinction - a complete education based on God's principles, an education with eternal value."

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