New 911 System Implemented on ACU Campus

for immediate release Oct. 22, 1997

A 911 call from any phone on campus now goes directly to the city dispatcher downtown as well as to campus security since expanded 911 service was implemented at ACU Oct. 9.

The dispatcher will know the exact room number where the call was placed, adding a new level of safety to campus, said Bob Nevill, director of Computer and Network Services. Previously, any 911 call went only to the campus security office, where the message was relayed to the necessary city emergency agencies.

"University research shows that general safety is very important to many students, and we already have a very safe campus," said Jack Rich, executive vice president. "We are happy to be able to enhance our safety further with this updated system."

Nevill, however, said 52 false calls have been recorded since the system was implemented because of misdialing.

Any sequence of numbers beginning with 911 will go instantly to the dispatcher, so all callers should be very careful in dialing, especially for local information and long distance calls, he said.

"If you realize you have misdialed, please stay on the line and tell the dispatcher who answers that you made a mistake," Nevill said. "If you hang up, the dispatchers will try to call back to confirm the emergency. If they get no answer, they must send a police officer."

While these changes fulfill a new legal requirement, Nevill said they are a "major step" in maintaining a safe campus and are a "real service to students." Technical personnel will watch for trends of how the system is being used and for ways to improve it as needed.

To reach campus security only, you may still dial Ext. 2911 on campus.

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