Creators of all kinds invited to Maker Fest


The ACU Maker Lab will host a new event for creators and innovators on ACU’s campus in the spring of 2016 called Maker Fest.

“Maker Fest is an opportunity for makers of all kinds to demonstrate and show their projects, what they've been working on, and share what they've learned: the processes, materials, and solutions,” said Nil Santana, assistant professor of Art and Design and director of the Maker Lab.

The event will take place March 31, 2016- April 1, 2016, on the Abilene Christian University campus.

All ACU students, groups and faculty are eligible to enter their projects for exhibition. The deadline for applications is Friday, Oct. 30, 2015. To enter, go to

The event itself will be open to the public, and a few makers from other schools in Abilene and the surrounding area have been invited to show off their ideas and projects as well, Santana said.

Types of work accepted will include “any kind of projects which promote innovation and creativity,” Santana said. “We would like to see projects with multidisciplinary focus – from music to engineering, from computing to art, and so on.”

The Maker Lab staff plans to include multiple categories for competition, “something along the lines of 3D printing builds, the most exotic invention, and other types of making or objects competitions,” Santana said.
Maker Fest is expected to draw at least 500 visitors over the two-day event, he said.

“The Maker Fest will be a great event for those with curious minds, those who like discovering how things work, and enjoy creative solutions when engaged in problem solving,” he said.