Griggs Center Hosts Founder of His Chase Foundation

Posted October 29, 2011

Mark Jacobs (ACU ’97) visited ACU to speak to students about the creation of his non-profit organization, His Chase Foundation.

Jacobs, along with his wife Chelsea and three daughters, created the organization in honor of their son, Chase Allen Jacobs, who died just days before he was due to be born. For Mark and Chelsea the experience of losing their son led them to pursue helping children in need in Rwanda and Ghana. Out of their deepening passion to relieve other’s suffering, His Chase was formed.

“It’s cool to hear somebody who has taken their skill set and is making the world a better place” said Asa Kusuma, senior computer science major from Annadale, Virginia. “It’s nice to hear somebody who is serious about doing something good with the talent God’s given them.”

His Chase’s most recent effort is Noel’s Project, which benefits the Noel Orphanage in Rwanda. The project focuses on providing medical care and development projects for the orphanage.

His Chase also partners with Touch a Life Ministries, an organization that rescues children from slavery in Ghana. His Chase helps provide financial support for the children’s care after they are rescued. From this partnership came the idea to build Chase’s Place in Ghana, a home for children rescued from slavery. The children of Chase’s Place will have clothes, shelter, food, education, encouragement and love.

Mark Jacobs’ presentation was part of a speaker series hosted by the Griggs Center for Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy. Each event features an entrepreneur who shares his or her experience and expertise with students.
Other speakers during the fall semester provided examples of successful for-profit business ventures while Mark Jacobs and His Chase modeled a mid-launch social entrepreneurship effort for the students.

“It is important for students to see entrepreneurs in all stages of the process,” said Dr. Jim Litton, director of the Griggs Center. “We also want students to see the impact entrepreneurship can make in the non-profit context.”

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