Aquino co-edits book on Newman


Dr. Frederick Aquino, professor of Theology at ACU’s Graduate School of Theology, with Dr. Benjamin King of The School of Theology at University of the South, published Receptions of Newman (Oxford University Press, 2015).

In this collection of essays, scholars from across the disciplines of theology, philosophy, education and history examine the different ways in which John Henry Newman has been interpreted. Some of the essays attempt to rescue Newman from his opponents then and now. Others seek to save him from his rescuers, clearing away misinterpretations so that Newman’s works may be encountered afresh. All the essays show why Newman’s ideas about religion were so important in the past and continue to inform the present.

Dr. Michael Baur of Fordham University organized a session on the book at the American Catholic Philosophical Association annual meeting. Dr. Aquino, along with two other contributors to the book (Dr. Benjamin King, University of the South; Dr. Mark McInroy, University of St. Thomas, MN) made presentations, followed by a response by Brandon Dahm of Baylor University and a time for answering questions. The session was a wonderful opportunity to put ACU and the Graduate School of Theology in conversation with other schools, perspectives and disciplines.