Andrea Lucado to read from debut book for visiting writer’s series


The Department of Language and Literature will host Andrea Lucado, daughter of preacher and alumnus Max Lucado, for a reading and workshop events on Tuesday, April 11. Part of the department’s annual visiting writer’s series, the day will be capped off by an evening reading at 7:30 p.m. The reading is free and open to the public and will take place in the Halbert-Walling Research Center lecture hall.

The occasion for Andrea’s visit is the publication of her first book, English Lessons, which will be brought out in May by WaterBrook Press. Spanning one year in the author’s life, the book is a spiritual memoir of her time earning a master’s degree in literature at Oxford Brookes University. In the book she reflects on her experiences growing up in the church and then going to a place where she is surrounded by many different perspectives as well as philosophies that challenge long-held assumptions about faith.

“It’s excellent writing from a person who’s very candid,” said Al Haley, ACU Writer in Residence and professor of English. “Most people at some point are going to have things that challenge what they always believed about God,” Haley said, “and Andrea shows there’s a way to embrace that and grow closer to God.”

Andrea took several creative writing classes with Haley before she graduated in 2008. Haley said achieving publication of her book is a feat, noting that few English majors persist in pursuing creative writing, knowing the road is long and difficult.

“When it comes to writing, I’m impressed with how good she’s become at crafting memorable sentences and metaphors,” Haley said. “She has a distinctive voice, and I predict we’re going to be reading more books by her in the future.”

After returning from England to the U.S., Andrea worked in publishing and public relations in Nashville. She has recently relocated to Austin where she writes a blog, speaks at events, and does freelance work for She Reads Truth and Relevant magazine. Her book can be ordered here