ACU to offer leadership coaching for women


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ACU’s Duncum Center Solutions, a firm for training, consulting and crisis intervention for businesses, non-profits and other organizations, will begin a new leadership program for women Jan. 13, 2017.

“Executive Leadership for Women: Navigating the Journey Together” is a year-long coaching circle led by Dr. Jaime Goff, dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.

The developmental coaching program will include 10 two-hour group meetings that focus on a different topic each month and end in discussion. In addition to the group meetings, each member will have two individual coaching meetings with Goff.

“The goal of the program is to help women who are either already in leadership roles or are aspiring leaders within their workplace by providing them with mentoring and equipping so they can excel professionally,” Goff said.

Meetings provide support and skill building for leadership roles. Goff hopes participants will develop peer support and conflict resolution strategies to prepare women for the challenges of leadership.

“The women will set goals for themselves, and the meetings are set up to develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that will help them achieve their goals,” Goff said.

Through the program, women will learn about their personal strengths and how those strengths fit their aspirations; develop strategies on how to reach their goals; and create an action-oriented career and leadership plan.

Goff said she knows how real the “glass ceiling” is, which is one of the reasons the Duncum Center is offering the leadership program.

“One of my interests and passions focuses on females and leadership because there are unique challenges that female leaders face in the workplace, “ Goff said. “Moving up in leadership roles as a woman is no easy task. It’s something that I, as well as some of my female colleagues, can attest to.”

Using her personal experience coupled with her educational expertise in marriage and family counseling, Goff will coach participants to change their circumstances.

By the end of the program, female leaders will have gained helpful insight into behavioral and relational factors contributing to success. They will have identified and learned to use their unique strengths, both as individuals and as women, in ways that will contribute to organizational success. They also will have established a network of peer support and begun taking steps toward goals with peer support and accountability.

While any woman is eligible for the program, special rates are available for ACU alumni and current students.

The group sessions will be held on the second Friday of each month except for July and December from 4-6 p.m. at the Dallas campus of Abilene Christian University in Addison, Texas. For participants from outside the local area, special ACU rates are available at nearby hotels.