Schubert shares mobile learning innovations at higher ed symposium

Posted December 12, 2012

Educators increasingly face the challenge to harness technology in ways that will change the landscape of learning, according to ACU president Phil Schubert who recently participated in The Texas Tribune’s symposium on higher education. The daylong symposium partnered with Texas A&M University and brought together key leaders to discuss major issues confronting higher education in Texas over the next five to ten years.

Dr. Phil Schubert, president of ACU, discusses innovations in online curriculum and the use of smartphones and other technology in and out of the classroom with Steve Klingler of Western Governors University, Steven Mintz of the University of Texas S

Along with other leaders in Texas education, Dr. Schubert participated in the panel discussion, “Innovations in Online Learning.” During the session Evan Smith, CEO and editor-in-chief of The Texas Tribune, facilitated conversations concerning the role that technology is beginning to play in education.

Schubert was asked about the ACU Connected initiative through which every student receives an iPod or iPhone to use in the classroom to enhance learning.

“Living in a connected world, one in which anyone with a smart phone or a tablet has constant accessibility to information and social connections, means we as educators face new challenges: How can we transform the learning environment to embrace who our students are?” says Schubert. “The way they navigate the digital world forces us to change the classroom to make sure it’s geared for 21st-century learning."

Schubert also spoke about how the consumerization of technology is changing the academic landscape.

“The access individual consumers have to information is driving most of the tech strategy in education. That in turn pushes educators to try to keep up with the appetite of the consumer,” says Schubert.

“Students come with the expectation they can get information anywhere anytime. That shapes how classes must be taught. Classrooms must be much more dynamic and changing rather than simply static.”

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