15th annual Leadership Summit encourages self-discovery

Posted November 19, 2012

In January, ACU's College of Business Administration will hold its 15th annual Leadership Summit at Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista, Colo. The weeklong short course is designed to teach students about leadership through self-discovery and the presentation of engaging material. 

Students hear from guest speakers, and participate in question and answer sessions, interactive group activities and guided periods of journaling. Summit is more than a course where students receive credit; it is a journey to help students discover how to lead their lives.

“Summit is a time of reflection, a time for students to get away and have a literal mountaintop experience,” says Tim Johnston, assistant dean of the College of Business and School of Information Technology. “The distractions are removed, the teaching is intense and the conference-style setting keeps them focused.”

Speakers and topics for this year's summit include:

  • Marriage and family experts Greg and Erin Smalley will work with students regarding emotional intelligence and the importance of developing good relationship skills.
  • Glenn Stantion will share the latest research on the state of the family.  
  • Lisa Anderson, host of the Boundless radio program for students transitioning from college life to professional life, will hold a session.  
  • Rick Atchley, minister of The Hills church in Richland Hills, TX, will discuss the leadership challenges that faces churches as they work to be a positive influence in their community. This session involves a case study of one of the biggest recent challenges faced by Atchley's congregation.
  •  Jarrod and Allison Brown from Mission Lazarus will share the lessons they have learned through their ministry in Honduras and Haiti. They will also present a case study.
  • Mike Haley from Olivecrest, a non-profit dedicated to preventing child abuse in Los Angeles will discuss human resource issues facing leaders in business and provide understanding of the latest research on the topic.
  • John Aden, executive vice president for Walmart General Merchandise, will be joined by Stephen Quinn, chief marketing officer of Walmart. Together they will share insights into key leadership challenges facing the world's largest businesses.
  • Dr. Kathy Crockett from Lubbock Christian University's graduate program in leadership will explain how leaders can step up to some of the most daunting challenges facing society.

Summit 2013 speakers have run business, raised families, led churches and helped communities address seemingly insurmountable problems. Students can learn from the speakers' experiences and gain insights to help prepare them for future leadership opportunities.

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