New and improved ACU Museum offers fresh look and rental space

Posted October 05, 2012

The ACU Museum, located at the corner of East North 16th St. and Campus Court, has undergone major renovations to better serve the Abilene and ACU communities. The museum, overseen by Women for ACU, was recently remodeled to include a new mini conference center and rental space, a fresh look and increased capabilities. 

"It is the dream of the Women for ACU and the museum board to create a museum that will become a destination point in Abilene," says Roberta Bender, member of the ACU Museum Board. "We believe ACU's history has much to offer visitors and residents. We're excited about where these renovations might take us."

The ACU Museum houses vintage portraits, personal belongings, books and other memorabilia to showcase ACU history. With the renovations, it now houses two conference rooms and a kitchen facility available for use by the ACU and Abilene communities. Rates are $25 for the conference space; $75 for the museum in its entirety. A dinner for ACU's history department, a Women for ACU dinner, and a social club rush have already been held at the museum. Homecoming events and graduation parties have been scheduled. 

Bender says the ACU Museum Board conducted an analysis of the needs of the community and consulted leaders from ACU's University Marketing, Creative Services, Physical Resources, University Events and Information Technology. Through the process, the Board determined the need to give the facility an aesthetic facelift through new landscaping and interior design, and to meet community needs with a rental space. 

"The building needed something that would define it as a museum. So with a new sign fashioned after the other signage on campus, new landscaping, and vinyl signage on the windows, the museum has begun to generate visibility and curiosity as to what might be inside," says Bender. "We hope the makeover will help meet the high demand for a site to host small meetings and conferences, and lead to success for the Museum."

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