Art department donation benefits young men's development organization

Posted October 01, 2012

To support the efforts of the Narrow Gate Foundation, Geoff Broderick, associate professor of art and design, has coordinated the donation of a retired metal melting furnace from the ACU Department of Art and Design. Broderick will help Narrow Gate fire up the furnace at its third annual Bluegrass, Barbeque and Blazing Metal event on October 13.

Narrow Gate is a Christian discipleship experience for young men ages 18-25 who desire to discover who they are and their purpose on earth. “The experience includes living in a wilderness environment, participating in daily chores and community work projects to build teamwork and develop good work disciplines, going on challenging adventures, and most importantly, studying the Bible and other Christian curriculum to help shape them into godly young men,” according to

At the Narrow Gate event in Tennessee, students will perform a foundry metal pour with the donated furnace at sundown. Items made will benefit Josiah’s House, an orphanage in the Dominican Republic.

Broderick has a strong tie to the foundation because of the growth his own son experienced during his time at Narrow Gate. Through his visits, Broderick befriended the couple in charge of the foundation, who asked for his help in building a metal and wood shop. Broderick was happy to oblige.

“My favorite part of Narrow Gate is watching the young men realize their true potential as they go through this process. I am so impressed with how they go through changes from the beginning to end. It is unbelievable,” Broderick says

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