ACU partners with CitySquare to fight poverty

Posted September 26, 2012

ACU has launched a partnership with Dallas nonprofit CitySquare that will provide ACU students with a hands-on learning experience and the opportunity to use their talents to fight poverty.

CitySquare’s mission is “to fight the root causes of poverty by partnering with those in need.” The organization aims to feed the hungry, heal the sick, house the homeless and renew hope in the heart of Dallas.

A hand-selected group of 15 freshmen from ACU’s Honors College are already at work in Dallas problem-solving, gaining insight into the needs of the local community's most needy residents, and putting new programs in place to help them.

Dr. Stephen Johnson, dean of the Honors College, expresses his excitement about the partnership in a video produced by the Honors College.

“As I began to learn more about CitySquare and the way they approach the fight against poverty, it strikes me that this is a great opportunity for us to build on the way we're already teaching our students and preparing them to go into the world,” says Johnson. “Almost any degree we offer, you can find an expression at CitySquare. Students can step into a place where their learning meets God’s love and desire to mend the world."

On Sept. 14, the freshman Honors students, all interdisciplinary majors, visited CitySquare to begin collaboration and brainstorming. They walked families through CitySquare’s pantry and played with children involved in the program to experience poverty firsthand. The group's next visit to Dallas will take place this Friday, Oct. 12.

“This has to be exactly along the line of what I want to do and what I want to put my passion into,” says Meg Brackenbury, freshman from Oconomowoc, Wis. “I heard about this opportunity to be a part of a program that not only wanted to integrate its students, but wanted to do it right away.”

While the Honors College has been most heavily involved so far, the partnership with ACU will incorporate students and faculty with varied interests over multiple departments.

Students in Marketing Strategies, an upper-level marketing class, have selected three projects to work on this semester that are all “for-profit” businesses. CitySquare manages to support the overall “nonprofit” mission of the organization.

Learn more about ACU's partnership with CitySquare.