Harris called a 'monk warrior' by Christianity Today

Posted September 25, 2012

Randy Harris, fondly known on ACU's campus as "the only Church of Christ monk," has received national media attention in Christianity Today's Leadership Journal. Harris, an instructor in the Department of Bible, Missions & Ministry, is known for wearing black clothing, preaching a simple lifestyle, and cultivating genuine relationships with his students through a mentoring group, Tau Chi Alpha.

Christianity Today's Leadership Journal recently featured Harris and the "monk warrior" students he mentors. The students call themselves Tau Chi Alpha, which stands for "Toughest Christians Alive."

Leadership Journal is a major magazine published by Christianity Today serving pastors and church leaders nationwide. This is not the only place Harris has received national recognition; the “monk warriors” are also featured in Harris' recent book and film series from ACU Leafwood Press, Living Jesus.

Read about Harris in Christianity Today.

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