On 'Teaching Eutychus': Bible prof publishes new book

Posted September 24, 2012

Discovering how to capture the attention of their students is an essential skill for teachers of all kinds. ACU assistant Bible professor Houston Heflin makes that case in his new book Teaching Eutychus: Engaging Today’s Learners with Passion and Creativity. The book is designed to equip teachers with resources to help them bring passion and creativity to their classroom work. To that end, he offers ideas for preparing successful lessons and retaining student attention. 

Inspired by the story of Eutychus, a young man in the New Testament who falls asleep and falls out of a window while the apostle Paul is speaking, Heflin became interested in helping teachers teach with energy and motivation.

“When students are engaged participants, instead of passive consumers of information, I believe they're more likely to learn,” says Heflin. “My ultimate goal for the book is to help volunteer teachers become even more effective. I believe this will happen as we invite students to join in active learning while we teach.”

Heflin teaches in the undergraduate Bible department at Abilene Christian, as well as the Graduate School of Theology and the Honors College. He also volunteers to teach at his church and hosts teacher equipping seminars with churches across the United States.

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