New Siburt Institute for Church Ministry will connect and equip churches

Posted September 18, 2012

Starting today, the Siburt Institute for Christian Ministry will officially begin connecting churches and their leaders with ACU's counseling, job placement, research and training resources.

Named after the late Dr. Charles Siburt, one of ACU's leading voices in churches for more than 20 years, the institute will honor his lifelong interest in building congregations and their leaders. Siburt, who died in July, was former vice president for church relations, director of the Doctor of Ministry program and O.L. and Irene Frazer Professor of Church Enrichment. 

The mission of the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry is to promote constructive and collaborative relationships between ACU and churches.

The institute's mission will be to help church leaders, ministers and Bible teachers meet challenges by connecting them to existing and new programs and services including:

  • ElderLink Forum, an event held annually in various locations to empower, educate and connect church leaders
  • MinistryLink, a Web-based service assisting ministers in networking and finding job opportunities, and churches in finding qualified ministry professionals
  • Ministers salary research to compare minister, support staff and missionary compensation
  • Minister transition resources to assist churches through the transition process
  • Information on health and benefits for ministry staff
  • Increased access to biblical scholars and their writings
  • Helping connect interim and guest speakers with churches
  • Resources for dealing with conflict resolution
  • Resources for ministering to older church members as well as to youth and family ministers.
  • Opportunities for continuing education and seminars on relevant issues
  • A church community-focused calendar listing events of interest to churches, ministers, church leaders and Bible teachers.

"Charlie was a respected minister who committed his personal and professional life to understanding the complex needs of congregations. Students loved him, and he served as a mentor to countless young ministers, providing encouragement and counsel long after they graduated from the university,” says ACU president Dr. Phil Schubert. “We can't replace him, but we can honor him by building upon the excellent foundation he built here through ElderLink, Ministers Support Network and other successful efforts.”

ACU chancellor Dr. Royce Money will serve as the institute's executive director. Money joined the ACU faculty in 1981 as associate professor of marriage and family therapy, then chaired the undergraduate and graduate Bible and ministry departments before becoming the first director of the Doctor of Ministry program. He was named Abilene Christian’s 10th president in 1991 and became its chancellor in 2010. He also serves as a professor of Bible in the College of Biblical Studies.

“Churches in today's world face enormous challenges from virtually all their dimensions of existence,” Money says. "In the spirit of Dr. Charles Siburt, whose name we bear, we will be involved in making sure churches and their leaders have the resources they need for effective ministry and outreach in the name of Jesus.”

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