ACU ranked among nation's 'Most Beautiful' campuses by Newsweek

Posted August 09, 2012

Abilene Christian University is the nation's 18th most beautiful campus, according to new rankings published Newsweek magazine.

ACU is cited for overall campus appeal based on everything from architectural aesthetics and attractiveness of the student body to the above average number of warm, sunny days.

"We stand out for, among other things, having a beautiful campus and wonderful students," according to Vice President and Dean of Student Life Jean-Noel Thompson. "But it's how everyone here is committed to making a difference in the world as a reflection of their commitment to Christ – that's what makes us truly special."

Among the comments pulled from the raw data on which the rankings were based are these student observations:

It is truly the people on campus that make it unique. You will not walk through a door without someone holding it open for you or walk on campus without someone saying hello. The students and faculty are friendly and respectful because we hold ourselves to a higher standard than most universities.

The weather is typically beautiful. There are only very rare days where you need anything other than a light jacket. It is mostly sunny and you will always see people outside enjoying the weather.

It is a quite pleasant place to study and take walks around campus. The security and police is great! We have a gym, tennis, basketball, football, softball, soccer fields, all for us to enjoy.

There are so many facilities on campus. The new student recreation and wellness center recently opened up, the library has many study and quiet rooms (along with a Starbucks), there are a lot of campus activities. Love it here!

To learn more about ACU, visit the university's homepage.