Sands brings ethnic hair styling to Abilene salon

Posted August 02, 2012

Stylist Janelle Sands brings services for ethnic and multicultural hair to Abilene's new salon and spa Pura Vida. She joins the salon with over 10 years of experience and a passion for ethnic hair styling.

Sands has been braiding hair since her childhood. "My love for styling hair began at a young age when my mother taught me the cultural art of braiding," Sands says. "When I was 12 years old, an African stylist saw my passion and made her protégée by teaching me extension techniques and paying me to braid with her."

The Alaskan native moved to Texas and completed her cosmetology training at NeeCees College of Cosmetology in Abilene. Her extensive training included 35 hours of braiding experience and 300 hours of experience with extensions.

She looks forward to using the skills gained at NeeCees to help with the large need for ethnic styling. "For years, women with ethnic or multiracial hair have had limited options for luxury and quality hair care in Abilene. Those who have desired such styling will go to strangers' homes for services, afraid of the high costs associated with a professional stylist. I am happy to provide a refreshing and affordable option for such women."

Sands' primary goal is empowering women through her work. She wants every client to leave feeling confident and beautiful. This goes along with Pura Vida's mission to provide guests with "an exquisite experience while enhancing the mind, body and soul."

Sands prefers to leave ethnic hair in its natural state instead of using chemicals. This way of styling, she says, allows hair to thrive and grow in a healthy way instead of using traditional, harsh chemical relaxers. Her specialties include: hair braiding, locking, weaving and extensions, hair fusion, Nubian and kinky twists, braid/twist updos or mohawks, press and curl treatments, curl balance cuts, and Dominican blowouts.

Sands' services add to Pura Vida's already impressive list of options. The 3,000-square-foot facility employs 12 professionals and offers full services in hair care, nail care, skin care and massages. Pura Vida recently celebrated its grand opening and is located at 1662 Campus Court, across the street from Abilene Christian University.