New works by Bible profs published by ACU Press

Posted June 07, 2012

ACU Press recently announced the publication of new work by Bible professors Dr. Glenn Pemberton and Randy Harris. Pemberton's book, Hurting with God: Learning to Lament with the Psalms, explores how Christians should live out their faith during prolonged seasons of pain and loss. Harris, meanwhile, has created a 12-part video series and companion book on the Sermon on the Mount, Living Jesus: How the Greatest Sermon Ever Will Change Your Life for Good.

Video of Randy Harris' new series, Living Jesus

In both works, the professors share their insight and understanding of Scripture and explore how to apply biblical principles to everyday life.

Pemberton is associate professor of Old Testament at ACU. His courses include Devotional and Wisdom Literature of the OT and Introduction to Exegesis. Through scholarship and personal experience, Hurting with God aims to understand the necessity of lament language through the exploration of the Psalms.

"The book chronicles my own journey with pain in hopes that it will help others," says Pemberton. "I had written two-thirds of the book in draft form in 2009, but soon after that, the physical, mental, spiritual pain in my own life was too much. I was unable to write, read, or do much of anything for nearly two years. I found the help I needed to learn how to manage the pain, and, in the summer of 2011, I finished the book. This rewriting process helped me to come to life again."

He hopes his book will give believers a new perspective on lament language. "My hope is that people of faith will realize our life and conversation with God does not have to be monotone through constant praise. While praise is important to faith, our conversation with God can and must be expressive of the truth of our lives, even through lament. We have lost the faith language of lament and that loss is costing us far more than we realize."

Harris serves as an instructor and spiritual director in ACU's College of Biblical Studies and a Bible professor. He has earned a reputation as "the only Church of Christ monk" for his radical commitment to prayer, celibacy and a contemplative way of living.

His video series, Living Jesus, explores how to live a life reflective of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. It was filmed at various locations around Abilene, and ACU students are included in the footage. See a preview of the Living Jesus series in the video above.

Harris hopes the series will challenge viewers. "The series is not a critical commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, but a kind of field manual. The reaction we hope for is not 'Oh, I understand that better' but rather 'I want to go out and do this.'"

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