TSAAPT elects physics prof to lead organization

Posted April 13, 2012

The Texas Section of the American Physics Teacher’s Association (TSAAPT) has elected Dr. Jess Dowdy, associate professor and assistant chair of engineering and physics, as its new vice president. The decision was made by the TSAAPT members at their spring meeting in San Angelo. By accepting the new role, Dowdy commits to a four-year rotating term as vice president, president-elect, president, and then past president.

"I consider it more than just an honor that they picked me: I view it as a opportunity, with great responsibility to my profession, to change the face of physics education positively for decades to come," says Dowdy. "Great education has generational impacts. I view that I not only change lives, but the lives of future generations with my efforts."

The AAPT is targeting four critical issues: 1) increasing AAPT's outreach to and impact on physics teachers, 2) increasing the diversity and numbers of physics teachers and students, 3) improving the pedagogical skills and physics knowledge of teachers at all levels, and 4) improving our understanding of physics learning and of ways to improve teaching effectiveness. Dowdy will be able to join in these efforts and represent ACU in his new leadership role.

The American Physics Teacher's Association was established in 1930 "to ensure the dissemination of the knowledge of physics, particularly by way of teaching." The Texas Section began in 1954 to connect physics educators in the state of Texas. TSAAPT offers workshops, awards, and resources to help professors actively engage students in physics education.